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Our specialized staff utilizes a group of coherent interventions designed to prevent or manage one or more difficult conditions using a systematic, multidisciplinary approach and potentially employing multiple treatment modalities. Our rehabilitation staffs are dedicated and knowledgeable. “Psychosocial rehabilitation is a process that facilitates opportunities for individuals to reach their optimal level of independent functioning in the community. It implies both improving individual’s competencies and introducing environmental changes in order to create a life of the best quality possible.

Psychosocial rehabilitation services at Venerate are those with a “…primary focus on interventions to reduce functional impairments that limit the independence of people whose independence and physical/psychological functioning has been negatively impacted upon as a result of a mental illness. Venerates Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses on disability and the promotion of personal recovery giving people an opportunity to work, live and enjoy a social life in the community. It is also characterized by an expectation of substantial improvement over the short to medium term.”